Friday, September 7, 2012

Gar Girl Laurel Short

Living in Gastonia, NC with my boyfriend, Steve Hecht, where you really shouldn't eat the fish you catch from the local waters; so why not go for the fightingest fish around. Especially those line tangling sense of humor filled gar? Hell, it’s the same bait that would get me a large flathead as well. The first time I saw a Gar I knew I had to catch one. They're amazing fighters and I love to watch them jump when we have one on the line. Spend most weekends on the South Fork River waiting to catch Gar! Can't wait to get out there again tonight! Remember, to fish is human, to gar fish is devine.

Laurel Short and her gar3Laurel Short and her gar2Laurel Short and her gar

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Katie Takes Her Yearly Gar Fishing Trip

Katie is Garmaster Bob's sister in law and every year on the first Friday in August Bob takes here Gar Fishing which is the day of the local rough fishing tournament. This year she lands her personal best, a 40 " Longnose and she also gets a 38 incher. Thanks for the photos Bob.


Monday, August 15, 2011

Shelley Contunous Her Gar Fishing Success in 2011

My daughter Shelley and her fellow Mike went on a Gar Fishing trip the other day. Shelley continues to impress me with her skill set when in come to boating the might Longnose Gar. This one went 14.2 pounds and measure 48 inches.

Renee from LaGrange Georgia Snares a Nice Gar

Renee is my neice my mariage. Her husband, nephew Michael has really worked on honing his Longnose Gar Fishing skills since Debbie and I took him on a fishing trip 3 years ago. Now he is bring on his wife Renee into the local Gar Fishing Fan Club.

Renee is a faithful local county employee who not only excels in her job but is an expert in the design of crafts of all sorts. Now she is learning an new craft; Longnose Gar Fishing on beautiful West Point Lake!

Congratulations on a fine catch, 47 inches and 14.5 pounds.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Becky Catches Her First Gar In North Carolina

Told by paw in law NCPEIRMAN:

This is my daughter in law becky who has moved here with my son a few months ago and has steadily began to fish for rough fish with us.

On this day march 20th 2011 we were fishing the new river in jacksonville north carolina from a boat,our bait of choice fishing for bowfin and gar is whole or cut finger mullets on a 2/0 circle or alaskan hook with out any sinkers,she was using a medium heavy rod her husband bought her with 20 pound power pro braided line with a 50 pound braided leader.

We hit a 22 foot hole with a ton of activity on the surface and the fishing commenced,20 minutes in beckys rod starts to run and like a pro she let it have the bait till it ran 2 times stopped and turned the bait and took off again.

Becky hit it when it began to run and the fight was on :) 15 minutes later in the boat comes a beautiful long nose gar at 38.5 inches long ;) her second gar, but her best gar so far,hopefully there will be many many more big gar to come for her and us as well,her husband tim (my son ) landed a 45.5 12 pound long nose a few days before.

Friday, July 30, 2010

Meet Gar Girl Connie

Meet Gar Girl Connie

Connie is an artist from Alabama. She once painted a girl as an exhibition and as you might guess, this display drew quite a crowd!

Connie and her dad Keith, retire NY police officer of 32 years took a guide trip with me on July 20th, 2010 and man was it sweltering hot that day! The bite was slow but Connie managed to steal the show with 2 nice Longnose Gar.

I hear that Connie has this cousin who live to fish and is always talking about his biggest and latest catch. We'll cuss, try and top this one. Connie has caught the biggest fish on a rod and reel and WITHOUT A HOOK!!! Try and top that one!

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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

West Point Lake Gar Fishing - Shelley Caught Two Nice Gar!

West Point Lake Gar Fishing - Shelley Caught Two Nice Gar!

My daughter Shelley caught two nice Gar on June 7th, 2010 on beautiful West Point Lake. The 16-pound Gar entertained us with a nice little tail walk display!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Meet North Carolina Gar Girls Ruth & Daughter Abi

North Carolina Gar Girls Ruth & Daughter Abi

While fishing small creeks in North Carolina, Gar Girls Ruth and daughter Abi show off their recent catch. This family uses cut or whole dead baits with 20lb Power Pro braided line with a 65lb Power Pro leader and a 2/0 Alaskan hook without weight and float them with the current. When the feeding frenzy is on they land some pretty nice Gar up in the creek hills of North Carolina and we're are happy to add them to our list of girls who love Gar Fishing!

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Sunday, September 6, 2009

Gar Girl Ruby Reels In Her First Gar!

"The West Point Lake Gar Grabber"

We'll See You Soon!

While keeping family tradition alive, Gar Girl Ruby, daughter of Garmaster Bob and Shelby of Wisconsin, reels in here very first Gar that measure 33 inches. Bob says "She cried at first and after some prodding we were able to get her to pose with it. We are keeping the streak alive that our kids have reeled in a gar before they turn 3. Next year we’ll start prepping Molly." Great job Ruby!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Gar Girl Katie...Where's The Gar?

"The West Point Lake Gar Grabber"

Now I don't know how well Katie does at Gar Fishing but she can sure make some beautiful scenery look even more beautiful now can't she? I stared at this photo for five minutes before I notice she was holding a Gar! Great job Katie at fishing and giving me a blood transfusion! I’m 52 years old but I ain’t dead yet!

Gar Girl Shelby Keeps Pace With Garmaster Bob

"The West Point Lake Gar Grabber"

After giving birth to a new future Wisconsin Gar Angler and getting a baby sitter to cooperate, Gar Girl Shelby returned to the water to keep pace with her husband Garmaster Bob. 10 Gar were caught and Shelby got 5 of them while tying her personal best of 44.5 inches. Great job Shelby!

My Daughter Gar Girl Shelley and Demitri

"The West Point Lake Gar Grabber"

Shelley keep's her streak alive by handily beating up on me and her boyfriend Demitri whose name I know I'm not spelling right, sorry.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Gar Girl Ruby

"The West Point Lake Gar Grabber"

Gar Girls come in all shapes and sizes. Meet the future of the female Gar Fishing, meet Gar Girl Ruby daughter for Gar Master Bob and Shelby of Wisconsin.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Gar Girl Julie Land Her First Of 2009

"The West Point Lake Gar Grabber"

It wasn't huge but it's a Gar. Julie lands her first of many and the 2009 Gar season is now underway!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Gar Girl Shelby Catches Her Last Gar Of The Season

"The West Point Lake Gar Grabber"

Gar Girl Shelby, wife of Gar Master Bob Roe Of Wisconsin catches this nice 45 incher. This is Shelby's last chance for Gar Fishing since she is only 3 weeks away from giving birth to the next Wisconsin Gar Angler. Good luck to Bob and Shelby on their new addition!