Sunday, June 1, 2008

Gar Girl Debbie

"The West Point Lake Gar Grabber"

My wife Debbie caught a coupe of nice gar today. Both in the 14 to 15 pound range. As you can tell Debbie isn't all that hip to holding these rambunctious creatures and in one picture she is already in position to pitch it overboard if necessary. I'll admit though the Gar we caught today were very difficult while in the boat. In fact as I was preparing one Gar for release it tail slapped my rod and reel into the water. I let go of the Gar a grabbed it just a my $150 rig was about to go out of sight and to the bottom. I'm lucky I didn't freeze up or it would have been on the bottom of West Point Lake in about 10 feet of water!

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