Friday, September 7, 2012

Gar Girl Laurel Short

Living in Gastonia, NC with my boyfriend, Steve Hecht, where you really shouldn't eat the fish you catch from the local waters; so why not go for the fightingest fish around. Especially those line tangling sense of humor filled gar? Hell, it’s the same bait that would get me a large flathead as well. The first time I saw a Gar I knew I had to catch one. They're amazing fighters and I love to watch them jump when we have one on the line. Spend most weekends on the South Fork River waiting to catch Gar! Can't wait to get out there again tonight! Remember, to fish is human, to gar fish is devine.

Laurel Short and her gar3Laurel Short and her gar2Laurel Short and her gar

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